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A Beginner's Guide to the Redfoot Tortoise


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Turtle Organizations

World Chelonian Trust
The planet’s foremost turtle conservation and care site.  It features care sheets, galleries of species images, and an online forum for turtle enthusiasts.  You can also become a WCT member and receive their newsletter, while supporting the group’s efforts at chelonian conservation and education.

Tortoise Trust
UK-based conservation and care site, with the same goals and purpose as the WCT.  Care sheets, forums, and conservation memberships are featured.

Turtle Survival Alliance

The IUCN Turtle Survival Alliance was formed in response to the Asian Turtle Crisis.  The TSA seeks to preserve options for the recovery of wild turtle populations.  It is the only conservation organization in the world dedicated solely to preventing turtle extinctions.

Tortoise Forums

Redfoot Tortoise at Yahoo
(Note: there are several other Redfoot groups on Yahoo)

World Chelonian Trust Forum
(There are a sizeable number of Redfoot enthusiasts on the WCT forum)

Plant Links

Poisonous Plants

Edible Landscaping

Edible Plants List  


Organic Edible Cactus 

Organic salad blends shipped to your door) 

Carolina Pet Supply
(Specialty light bulbs and other equipment, live food, plants, classifieds, etc.)

Some Keeper Links (and sources for Redfoots)

Mike’s Redfoot Page

Vicki Hale’s Tortoise Yard

Joe Heinen’s Redfoot Page

Eric Holt’s Empire of the Turtle

Riparian Farms

Abbott’s Turtle Farm

Santa Rita Tortoise Farm

Other Links

Reptile Lighting:  UV Guide UK
(Keep up with the latest developments in reptile lighting)

UVB Output of Various Bulbs  

Vicki Hale’s “How I Built My Tortoise Table”

Federal Regulations 21 CFR 1240.62 banning the sale of turtles under 4 inches

FDA interpretation of the ‘4-Inch Ban’ (21 CFR 1240.62)